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Moments taken for granted. 

McDonalds Art Installation.jpg
Upchuck Moth in 2018_2019.jpg
Covid at Piedmont 3.jpg
Men Reflect On Provacative Art.jpg
Bonfire Outside Noah's.jpg
Covid at Piedmont 1.jpg
Camping Trip Smoking.jpg
A Family Together (Shoplifters).jpg
beach soles.jpg
Freedom At The Beach.jpg
we hurt we break we kill we take - polic
Jabari & Ryan in the Sand.jpg
A Couple Read Off An Iphone At The Beach 2.jpg
Glimmer Of Hope in The Trees.jpg
Hotbox Camping.jpg
Glimmer Of Hope in The Trees.jpg
Smoking In Tents 1.jpg
Helicopters In The Sky.jpg
Lonely At The Beach.jpg
Rain On The Road_Valley.jpg
Plaza Theatre WKW__We Love You.jpg
Sunset Vacation.jpg

At the end of the day, all we have all memories, so hold on tightly, and never let go. 

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